The Green Team is a new group created by ordinance in 2019.


Actions and activities of the Green Team will be posted here as they become available. Stay tuned for updates. 

The Green Team Advisory Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

 1-       Advise the Borough on ways to promote sustainable practices by improving municipal operations with economically and environmentally sound initiatives through research and evaluation.

 2-      Engage all stakeholders in efforts to create a sustainable community, and Assess and document sustainable practices currently employed by the Borough

 3-       Assess and document areas where additional sustainable practices may be implemented by the Borough.

 4-      Collaborate with Borough employees, service providers, other governmental agencies, and neighboring communities to share resource information and ideas consistent with the Sustainable Jersey Program.

 5-       Solicit ideas for improving sustainable practices in the Borough from all members of the community.

 6-        Examine the environmental and financial effects of proposed sustainability initiatives.

 7-      Communicate sustainable practices and goals to the public.

To read the full Ordinance creating the Green Team, click here.  

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