Photo courtesy of Chelsea Brook.

Parks & Recreation

Here is a listing of all of the parks in Allentown Borough.

Dr. Farmer's Park is located off of Lakeview Drive. It features a gazebo, a boat launching area, a basketball court, the Steven Reid pickelball court, pedestrian walking bridge and benches. There is a small parking lot.  Pick up basketball, dodgeball , and hockey games occur regularly here. Special events such as the Allentown Lions Club's Easter Egg Hunt (March/April) take place here. 

Heritage Park is located off of Gordon Street. There is a parking lot on Gordon Street. There is also an entryway and parking lot on South Main Street near the Old Mill. This is another entryway and parking lot accessible from the Church Street Parking Lot. This park features a paved walking path, wooded walking trails, pedestrian walking bridge, picnic tables, grilling area, and benches.This park is popular with walkers, runners, strollers, dog walkers and bike riders.     During the Allentown Business Community Association's Fall Festival, special events such as historical re-enactments and the 4-H petting zoo take place here. 

Pete Sensi Park is located on South Main Street along the millpond and across the street from the Old Mill. It features a boat dock and benches. It also has a small parking lot. This park is a popular fishing, canoe, and kayak destination. Throughout the year many special events take place here, including: the Allentown Village Initiative's Reading of the Declaration of Independence (July 4th), the Allentown Lions Club's Fishing Derby (July 4th Weekend), the Allentown Business Community Association's Fall Festival (2nd weekend in October) has a car show and unicorn rides here, the Economic Development Commission's Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration (Thanksgiving weekend) starts here, and the Allentown Business Community Association hosts various seasonal events here. 

Sara Barnes Park is located on Pearl Street. It features a small playground, basketball court, and benches. Parking is available at the Pearl Street Parking Lot. 

The Sgt. George Ashby Memorial Park is presently open space with development plans in place. It is accessible from Hamilton Street and Broad Street. Parking is available from any Borough street. The Allentown Union AME Cemetery is a part of this park and is a proud member of the Black Cemetery Network.