Administrator/Municipal Clerk's Office

Administrator/Municipal Clerk
Laurie A. Roth, MAS, RMC, CMR, CPM
609-259-3151 x112 

Deputy Registrar
Maryann Szbanz, CMR
609-259-3151 x110
Deputy Clerk
Kerry Bruno
609-259-3151 x114

Chances are if you need assistance, the Administrator and her staff can help you. It is our goal to make accessing government services and information easier and faster. We can walk you through a variety of processes to make them less daunting. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The Administrator is responsible to the Governing Body for the day-to-day operations of the entire Borough.  The Administrator directs, administers and coordinates the activities of the Borough in full support of policies, goals and objectives established by the Governing Body. The Administrator serves as the Borough's Personnel Officer and Public Information Officer. The Administrator has various risk management duties. The Administrator coordinates all actions with the Borough's professionals. The Administrator works with the Chief Financial Officer in preparing the annual operating, capital, water and sewer budgets for the Borough.

In Allentown, the Administrator is also the Municipal Clerk. The position of Municipal Clerk is a statutory position, requiring state certification and continuing education. The Municipal Clerk, as Secretary to the Governing Body, is the recipient of any correspondence or reports addressed to the Mayor and Council Members. In addition to serving as the Secretary to the Municipal Corporation, Custodian of the Seal and all minutes, books, bonds, contracts and archival records, the Municipal Clerk also serves as Chief Administrative Officer in all elections held in the municipality, and issues various licenses and permits, such as dog, bingo and raffles, liquor, etc.

For Vital Statistics (Marriage/Civil Union/Birth/Death/Domestic Partnership): we are open by appointment only, Monday – Friday, 9:00AM to 3:30PM.
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