The Planning Board meets once a month unless otherwise noted.

Planning Board/ Land Use

Planning Board Secretary- Jane Davis 
609-259-3151 x113


Member                                                           Term            

CLASS I Thomas C. Fritts (Mayor)               1/01/24-12/31/27
CLASS II Jennifer Elder Brady                     1/01/24-12/31/27
CLASS III Dan Payson (Councilman)           1/01/24-12/31/24
CLASS IV Allison Arnone                              1/01/22-12/31/25
CLASS IV George Fallat (Vice-Chairman)    1/01/23-12/31/26
CLASS IV Joseph F. Fidler                            1/01/17-12/31/24
CLASS IV Bill Cotte                                       1/01/23-12/31/26
CLASS IV Jeffrey McLaughlin                       1/01/24-12/31/27
CLASS IV Lynne Meara (Chairwoman)         1/01/23-12/31/26

ALT I Jamie Ford                                            1/01/23-12/31/24
ALT II Ron Kuzma                                          1/04/22-12/31/23
ALT III Vincent Travernite                               1/01/23-12/31/24
ALT IV Thomas Monahan, Sr.                        1/01/23-12/31/24                     

To view the 2016 Re-examination report or the basic zoning approval process flow chart, click below.  To view the Zoning Maps, click here. 

All meetings take place at 7:00PM on the dates indicated at Borough Hall.