Allentown Police

Allentown Police Internal Affairs Complaint Forms in multiple languages can be found below:
The Allentown Police Department appreciates your time and input into this process.
It is our goal to have everyone we come into contact
with feel they were treated fairly and with respect.  All internal affairs complaints will be thoroughly investigated
and their outcomes, if possible, will be used to improve our future performance.   
Complaints can be filed 24 hours a day, and there are several ways to file a complaint.
They can be filed in person at police headquarters, or by calling 609-259-6300,
or by emailing Det. Anthony Rando at
If you prefer to email the internal affairs complaint, simply fill out an internal affairs complaint,
as provided in the link above. After the form is completed,
email the completed form to Det. Anthony Rando, or mail the form to:
Allentown Police Department
Attn: IA Investigations
PO Box 487 Allentown, NJ 08501
After filing a complaint, an internal affairs investigator will attempt to contact you for additional information.
You are NOT obligated to speak with any investigator,
but If you would like to be contacted by an internal affairs investigator,
please leave your most recent contact information.
At the conclusion of the internal affairs investigation,
you will be notified regarding the outcome of the investigation.
Thank You