Here are some minor changes coming to Borough parking lots and parks.

Excess trash receptacles are being removed throughout the municipality.

There have been reports of residents throwing personal household trash in public park or parking lot trash cans. Residents are asked to carry in and carry out all trash. Excess trash cans are being removed from the following locations:

  • the Gordon Street Parking Lot,
  • the Church Street Parking Lot,
  • Lakeview Drive,
  • Pete Sensi Park, 
  • Heritage Park, 
  • Sgt. George Ashby Memorial Park,
  • the Pearl Street Parking Lot,
  • the pickelball court in Dr. Farmer's Park, and
  • near the USA bushes in Heritage Park. 
Dog refuse bags will still be available throughout the municipality. Residents are asked to not place used dog refuse bags on the bag refuse poles. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.