Here are changes to the Democratic Primary ballot.

There is a new "block" ballot design for the Democratic Primary on June 4th.

New "Block" Ballot Design for Democratic Primary 

ballot new 2

* Graphic colors and names for illustrative purposes only 

If you are voting in the Democratic Primary, you may notice your ballot looks different this year. As a result of a federal court order, the new Democratic ballots are in "block" ballot design, in which candidates for each individual office are listed in random order in separate ballot boxes. This is a change from the past "bracketed" ballot design, where candidates for different offices were grouped together in a column and appear as a "ticket."

Ballots for this year's Republican Primary remain in the "bracketed" ballot design, as they were not affected by the court order. Clerk Hanlon encourages all voters to review their sample ballots prior to voting in the Primary Election.

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