We have a new project starting weather permitted on April 22nd.

Improvements to Various Sidewalks- Phase II will start weather permitting on April 22nd.

Pioneer General Contracting Company has been hired by the Borough of Allentown to perform work on the Improvements to Various Sidewalks- Phase II. The areas covered include: the Sandburg Drive neighborhood and then Lakeview Drive. 

This work will impact the residents for a period of a week in each given area. This work will consist of the removal and replacement of sidewalks throughout the neighborhood at various locations. If they work in front of your driveway, you will be asked to remove all cars from your driveway for the duration of the work. If you have any questions you may call Pioneer General Contracting at 732-496-8544 or Roberts Engineering Group at 609-586-1141. 

Pioneer General Contracting may also be contracted for additional private work for homeowners during this process. Any work agreements made for this work will be between the homeowner and Pioneer.