Help us secure this $8,000,000 towards the preservation of the Stein property.

A budget resolution offering $8,000,000 towards the preservation of the Stein property has been proposed. Help us make it happen.

Senator Vin Gopal and Assemblywoman Carol Murphy have proposed a budget resolution that would give Allentown Borough and/or Monmouth County $8,000,000 towards the preservation of the Stein property! This is due to the work of several people, but the local parties involved are: Mayor Thomas C. Fritts, Councilwoman Nikki A. Darling, and Policy Director for Senator Singleton Kemani A. Scott.

Governor Murphy’s office supports this initiative. We now need support from both sides of the aisle from local, county and state governments. We need your help to reach out to the legislators below to ask for their support or co-sponsorship of Budget Resolutions 4552 and 4673. Please make this a priority. The bills will be voted on in the coming months.

Senate Budget Committee

 Assembly Budget Committee:

 Senate Leadership:

 Assembly Leadership: