Here is Allentown Borough Engineer, Carmela Roberts, giving her testimony at the June 18th Council meeting.

The next Upper Freehold Township Planning Board meeting for the Stein/AAESUF application is on Tuesday, July 30th at 6PM in the Auditorium of Allentown High School.

Come out to next, and possibly last, Upper Freehold Township Planning Board meeting on the Stein/AAESUF property. Public comment started at the last meeting held on June 18th. The public was sworn in and given three minutes to question the applicant's experts, the Borough's professional staff, or the volunteers of the Upper Freehold Township Planning Board. This is expected to continue at the July 30th meeting. This is your last opportunity to speak out against the project and have your comments put on the record.

Mayor Thomas C. Fritts' testimony, given at the June 18th meeting, may be found here pinned to the top of the page.