Allentown Borough's Construction Office is in Upper Freehold Township.

Construction, Buildings and Permits

Construction Official Ron Gafgen 609-758-7738 x222
Technical Assistant 609-758-7738 x212
Electrical Inspector Alan Wilkins 609-758-7738 x237
Plumbing Inspector George Willan 609-758-7738 x238 

Allentown Borough has a shared service agreement with Upper Freehold Township for Construction, Buildings and Permits. The Upper Freehold Township Municipal Building is located at 314 Route 539, Cream Ridge, New Jersey 08514. Their office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30AM to 4:15PM. They can be reached by phone 609-758-7738. 

For information on all construction code requirement, click here
For information on all construction permits, click here.

A Permit is needed when
  • Finishing a basement
  • Inground/Above ground pools**
  • Decks**
  • Additions**
  • Sheds**
  • ETC...

If you have any questions about whether a permit is needed, please call the office at (609) 758-7738 for assistance.
**Also needs prior Zoning Approval
To access the International building Code (2018), click here.