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Pet Licensing/Animal Control

Deputy Tax Collector Maryann Szbanz
Deputy Clerk Kerry Bruno

Animal Licensing
Animal licensing is due in April of each year. Late fees will apply in May. Pets not licensed by June 15th will be issued a summons. Seeing eye dog owners are issued licenses, but are not required to pay any fees. To apply for your license, download the Animal License Application. If you have questions,  call the Borough Clerk's Office at 609-259-3151 or email

The Animal License Application requires the following information:
  • breed
  • gender
  • age
  • color and markings
  • long haired or short haired variety
  • name of owner
  • address of owner
  • evidence of rabies vaccination

Animal Licensing Fees
Dog License Fee                                                $10.00               
NJ State Registration Fee (Rabies)                    $ 1.00
NJ State Surcharge for Pilot Clinic Fund            $   .20
NJ State Surcharge for Un-neutered Dogs          $ 3.00
Total Dog Licensing Fees                                   $14.20
Replacement for Lost Dog Tags                          $2.00
Late Charges (Not Registered by May 1st)         $5.00

Cat License Fee (Un-neutered)                           $6.00
Cat License Fee (Neutered)                                $5.00

Replacement for Lost Cat Tags                           $1.00
Late Charges (Not Registered by May 1st)         $5.00

Summons are signed by the Allentown Police Department and filed by the Allentown Municipal Court.
1st Offense                                                        $35.00
2nd Offense                                                       $70.00
3rd & Subsequent Offenses                              Mandatory Court Appearance

Animal Control Officer
Nicholas Dell'Acqua
609-259-3151 x124

The Animal Control Officer or any Police Officer of the Borough can take into custody and impound any animal. There is a $25.00 charge for any dog at large who is picked up by the Animal Control Officer.